Good Afternoon Health Fanatics!

It’s been such a long time since I’ve used my blog, and so many things have happened since that time, and I wanted to share them with you. Very sadly our dog Roxy died a few weeks after my last post, and  I think this played a huge role in why I stopped blogging as we were both so heart broken. But, here are a few photos of what has happened since then.

We got Married!!
and we went to Norway! 😀
I ate alot of food….
I got my hair cut 😀
I became a vegetarian
And we adopted our second rescue doggy, Luna!
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Dukan, I Can

Including today,we have 18 days left in 2012, and as I assume you know by now, my new years resolution last year was to lose 28lbs.  Using anyway possible. I have 8lbs left! 8lbs in 18 days.

I know a lot of you find my blog when searching for intermittent fasting, however I have undertaken the Dukan Diet, in an attempt to shift the last  10  lbs (I am already -2lbs). For me the 2:5 diet wasn’t easy, finding time to fast was difficult on days when I would work untill 2am, I needed my strength, to stay awake, and be able to accomplish my tasks for the day, I can work  any of the 7 days in the week, so I’m unable to fast on weekends like some people.

Yesterday, was my first day on the Dukan Diet, for those who have never heard about it, it is a french diet  consisting of an attack phase, where you eat pure protein, and a cruise phase, where you alternate between protein, and protein and vegetable days untill you reach your target weight. The only carbs allowed  are in the form of oatbran, a very versatile food.

There are then 2 other stages, where you stabilise and consolidate your weight.

Yesterday, I did my first day on the attack phase, which included eating ham and cottage cheese for breakfast, hardboiled eggs, cottage cheese, and more ham for lunch! and then for dinner I made myself a chicken bake, by finely chopping pre cooked chicken, mixing it with oatbran and greek yogurt, then baking it in the oven for 25 minutes.

I wont lie, I miss bread, and the food was tedious, with not much variety, today I’m hoping will go easier, with salmon,chicken and an omelette to eat!

I felt lighter by 8pm last night, and in the morning, the results showed on the scale.

Day 1 on the Dukan Diet : – 2lbs


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10lbs in 20 days ?

It’s been a long time since I last posted on my diet blog, around 3 months, and I’ve had a lot on my plate in those 3 months, thankfully however, it wasn’t food. Although I have not lost anymore weight, I have successfully managed to maintain my weight, eating normally and exercising.

Over the last 3 months I’ve been working more, some nights till 2 am, I do a lot of cleaning, mopping, sweeping, scrubbing, and I’m on my feet 8+ hours a day sometimes, which I find has been fantastic help in maintaining  my 18lb weight loss, and I’m currently now a UK size 8, a 6 in some stores!!

We’ve also found out, that our beautiful girl Roxy who we adopted from the animal shelter has dilated cardiomyopathy, and has done since before we adopted her, it wasn’t untill she went in to congestive heart failure a few months ago that we discovered what was wrong with her.  I am very upset that the two vets previously have allowed her condition to go undiagnosed, one of these vets was from the rescue center who apparently gave her a”full health check”, the other missed noticing that she was in the stages of conjestive heart failure, thankfully I took her to another vet for a 2nd opinion, who took one look at her and knew what was wrong.
She however has responded well to medication, although the outlook is bleak, with most dogs not lasting longer than 6- 12 months after diagnosis.

This, along with work, planning a wedding and looking after a sick dog has put my blogging on the back-burner, but not anymore. I have 20 days left untill January 1st, exactly a year to the day which I made the resolve to lose  28 lbs. Today, I am 10 lbs away from that target. It has taken me longer than I originally expected, however I will not give up on my goal.

Facebook Page

Roxy getting a cuddle of me

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No, I haven’t forgotten my fast!

I haven’t posted in a while, and that’s because I have been so busy at home and at work, but I’m trying to organise my life, so that I have time and space to devote to my online presence.

I suppose the difficult part about posting is some nights I work till 1am, which throws my sleeping off-balance. It also doesn’t help with fasting, so I have been finding it difficult to plan my fast days when I’m unsure when I will be called up for work!

I’ll update at the weekend! I have been eating like a pig recently though, I know I am not at work tomorrow (unless they call) so I am planning a fast day for then!

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Guest Post:Jillian Mckee; Nutrition Essential Part of Cancer Treatment and Recovery

Nutrition Essential Part of Cancer Treatment and Recovery

Jillian Mckee

The National Cancer Institute recommends that cancer patients and survivors eat a nutritious diet. Doing so could help improve their quality of life, the chances of recovery and the chances of staying in remission.

Diets will differ between patients based on their type of cancer and treatment regimen. Patients may need to maintain a particular diet during the time between diagnosis and  surgery to become healthy enough to withstand surgery. Patients may need to change their diet during chemotherapy and radiation treatments to cope with their side effects, such as fatigue, nausea and anemia. After treatment, patients may need to adopt a different diet to help prevent recurrence.

As a general rule, cancer patients and survivors should strive to maintain a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, lean protein, water and physician-approved supplements. It should also be low in saturated and trans fats, salt, sugar and processed foods.

Liquid supplements may be necessary to ensure proper nutrition for mesothelioma patients who have trouble swallowing due to esophagitis or a persistent cough. Cancer patients and survivors should consult their nutritionists to find the right foods that will help promote physical and psychological wellness.

There are a couple of noteworthy food compounds that show potential to inhibit tumor growth in humans.

Capsaicin is the active compound in hot peppers. In one study, researchers injected capsaicin directly into fibrosarcoma tumors in mice. The injected tumors showed complete regression or retarded growth. Moreover, untreated tumors in the same mice also showed regression, suggesting that other immunological mechanisms were involved in tumor cell destruction.

In another study, researchers treated certain lines of human breast cancer and leukemia cells in vitro with capsaicin extracted from different varieties of fresh and dried peppers with varying degrees of spiciness. They also treated normal cells with capsaicin. The results showed that capsaicin was highly effective in killing some of the breast cancer lines and inhibiting tumor cell growth with respect to both types of cells. Researchers also concluded that the hotter the pepper, the more effective the extracted capsaicin was in
killing tumor cells or inhibiting their growth.

Turmeric is a spice commonly used in Indian cooking. Curcumin is the major compound of turmeric. There have been quite a few studies in which various lines of human lung cancer cells were treated with curcumin. These studies revealed that curcumin significantly inhibits lung cancer cell invasion and metastasis.

If capsaicin and turmeric can slow tumor growth, then perhaps they can prevent tumors. Cancer patients and survivors should consult their oncologists to determine whether these compounds or any other nutritional supplements are medically appropriate.

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Intermittent Fasting Update

After a week on the 5:2 Intermittent Fasting Diet, I lost  2 lbs, and more importantly, I managed to keep that 2 lbs off, even though for 5 days this week, I have eaten absolutely anything I fancied. This is a great accomplishment for me, as I do struggle to lose weight, and I certainly do struggle to keep it off aswell, I can gain up to 4 lbs in one weekend!

I’ve been so impressed, that I’ve not only decided to continue Intermittent Fasting untill I reach my target weight, I’ve decided to write an e-book containing the research I’ve done in to IF, and my experiences whilst on this diet.

I don’t fast on days I know that I’m at work, for me this would be impossible, so far I have only fasted (500 calorie restriction) on days where I do not need to do a lot of strenuous work. I could not spend 6 hours on my feet and only consume 500 calories during that day.

My next fast day, therefore will be on Thursday,  and I shall post my diet plan for that day tomorrow evening! Although I imagine that it will be very similar to my last diet plan. In my opinion,  if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.
Please do subscribe to my blog via email (top right) if you want to keep uptodate with my fasting!

Thank you for all your support!

I will post another photo when I reach my 20lbs weightloss  mark! (In just another 2lbs!)


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Fast & Weigh

For those who have been reading my blog, you will already know that I have been under going the 5:2 fast for the last 3 days (including today). I have so far completed one fast day, and one “normal” eating day. After 2 days I have lost  2 lbs, and my body fat percentage has gone from 27% to 26%, without a reduction in muscle mass, which my scales currently read out at 58.4%.

Here’s a quick statistical update: (I have tried numerous diets throughout my journey here)

Start Weight: 154lb

Current Weight: 136lbs

Waist: Start: 29 inches, Current : 26 inches

Bust: Start: 38 Inches, Current:  36 Inches

Hips: 39 Inches, Current : 37 Inches

To read more about my weight loss, and my intermittent fasting journey, you can read my full blog by going back to the  homepage, you can also receive updates when I do post by subscribing via email at the top right hand side of the page.

So just to let everyone know,  after eating normally yesterday, I did not put the weight back on that I lost the previous day!

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